What is Pure Fit Life?

Living a Pure Fit Life is living at the top of your game in vibrant health!  Your body was not meant to feel tired, sluggish and overweight. The choice is yours to take back control of your health and it doesn’t have to be complicated! I teach you how to make it fun and easy with simple lifestyle strategies. Your physical body is an unbelievable gift and is the foundation of your passion and energy.


Feeling good in your body fuels every other part of your life.  When you feel good and look good, you feel unstoppable. I’ve experienced many years feeling just OK but pushing forward.  I’ve also experienced feeling on FIRE and it’s always when I’ve really prioritized not just taking care of my health, but really optimizing it.


Is not feeling your best keeping you stuck in an average life? If you’re OK with being average, then this site is not for you. No matter how you feel right now, I am 100% certain that you have an extraordinary side that will change your life and others lives too. What gets me up in the morning is the excitement of bringing out the best in others! It starts with your body.  If you want to live at the top of your game, then drop the excuses and let’s bring out your best version of you!


I’m Angela Marie

Certified Nutrition Coach & Detox Specialist

I was lean and fit but I didn’t feel amazing in my body.  In fact, I felt awful.

My energy levels were so up and down. Most days I really struggled to get out of bed and I would get so sleepy in the afternoon. I was working out every day and eating my high protein diet, so how could this be? Why did my body feel old and sluggish? I felt defeated and and it seemed unfair. I just wanted to feel YOUNG and have the energy to perform my best!

It’s your body’s natural state to feel high energy and be happy! I finally found that by learning about the nutrition that my body needed and how powerful food is when it comes to feeling my best.  It has literally changed my life and now I get to wake up refreshed and full of energy!  

Your body wants to heal and renew itself. When the right conditions are created, vibrant health is your natural state.


Allison, Dallas, TX

I just finished my 3 month total body cleanse/reset with Angela coaching me every step of the way. I have never felt so great and feel absolutely in the best health of my life all because of her knowledge and educating me along the way.

When I started in September I was overweight, had brain fog daily, stressed, no energy and depression. Angela first determined the underlining causes of my symptoms and over the three month period we worked on those key area’s. Unlike most doctors which just subscribe you drugs to mask the issues and cause even more issues.

With her guidance and coaching I was able to go from 27 BMI to 23 and lost over 5% of body fat but more importantly I feel my self again.

Also with the clean eating I don’t crave sugar, gluten any longer and this will be a lifestyle change and so excited to keep maintaining this healthy lifestyle thanks to Angela!!!

– Erica, Portland, OR

Angela has an arsenal of knowledge when it comes to vitamin & mineral needs and where deficiencies may be impacting you, both at a macro and micro level. I’ve leaned on her quite a bit for understanding my symptoms and where they can be mitigated, be it with real food or vitamins & supplements. She’s given me the tools I need for holistic health to lead the vibrant life I am wanting to live!

She also has some pretty amazing fitness tips from years of training and competing. Finally, Angela rounds out this knowledge of health and fitness with a personable and caring demeanor and absolutely fantastic at helping you overcome whatever holds you back from reaching your goals.

Aaron, San Diego, CA

I worked with Angela after I finished competition prep. At the time my gut was all messed up due to high protein intake, low fiber intake, and an overall imbalance of macronutrients. I was experiencing constipation, heartburn, and I wasn’t digesting food properly. After a short consultation and discussion with Angela, she sent over a post-competition gut repair plan which included a breakdown of foods to focus on, supplements to take, along with other protocol pertinent to my case. After 2 weeks of incorporating her methods my gut was back to normal and I felt great! Since then I’ve continued to use the things I learned in my everyday diet as a preventive measure against gut issues in the future. Working with Angela was a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone looking to heal their gut and gain knowledge in the process!

– Megan, Costa Mesa, CA

Angela is kind, patient, and compassionate (and she really LISTENS). She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I love her ideas/recommendations for healthy food options, and for awesome supplements. She has helped so much with my health journey, and has been able to help me when so many doctors and practitioners could not. I cannot recommend her and her business highly enough!

Are you ready to feel extraordinary?!